Trying Your Luck With Speed Dating

The latest addition to the numerous methods of meeting that special someone is speed dating. Looking to find ways to match up busy Jewish singles, Rabbi Yaacoy Deyo invented speed dating.

What Does It Entail, Really?

To better understand speed dating, think of mixing musical chairs and a date. The night begins with folks filling out an information sheet. This sheet may contain the profile of each person who joins.

The women are then seated at tables and every single man starts out at a table. He gets to have only five minutes to talk to each woman, and at the end of the period, a bell sets off and he moves onto the next table. The man puts a check mark by the name of the woman if he likes her. The event coordinator sends the man the woman’s contact information if she also checks his name.

The Plusses

Speed dating has many benefits. One advantage is the opportunity of meeting as many women or men as possible in just a short period of time. You do get to meet a lot of men or women in a face to face environment. Compared to online dating, speed dating adds a personal element. Most people feel that they can get a better reading of a man or woman when they spend time with them in person.

Speed dating also prevents folks from hiding behind fake profiles. It is also one of the most cost-effective methods of dating and most speed dating events are about the same cost of a monthly subscription to an online dating site. Moreover, countless speed dating events divide their events down along age group lines.

The Minuses

However, it also has some disadvantages. Many speed dating events, you only get five minutes to talk to a prospect soul mate, right? So it is only a case of first impressions. The limitation of five minutes is not enough time to get a feel of someone. Speed dating could also lessen your self-esteem and morale. Sometimes, the men and women in the events are not honest. They would say that they would check your name but actually they won’t. But of course, this is not true all the time.

Speed dating is an interesting gimmick so you should try your luck in finding your soul mate by joining it. Who knows? You might get lucky and go home with someone whom you want to spend the rest of your days with.

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