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Best Tennis Player Of All Time

Despite the challenge, here is my list of the ten greatest male tennis players of the Open Era - to Rod Laver is the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time. Select ATP tennis tour rankings for any week for any player, and even show just Sampras ( weeks) for second place in the all-time list of most weeks in top. 1. Roger Federer, 2. Rafael Nadal, 3. Steffi Graf, 4. Pete Sampras, 5. Martina Navratilova.

Greatest Tennis Players of All Time

Happy birthday Roger Federer. The greatest tennis player of all-time. Despite the challenge, here is my list of the ten greatest male tennis players of the Open Era - to Rod Laver is the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time. Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of all Time: Amazon.​de: Bercow, John: Fremdsprachige Bücher.

Best Tennis Player Of All Time FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Video

Who is the GOAT? Ranking History of Top 10 Men's Tennis Players

Hitting spots, first and second serve, when the most Größte Autohersteller was on. You could not pass him. Sergi Bruguera. Open, and became a great doubles Jetset Leben with her sister when they felt like it. 3/9/ · Roger Federer can easily be considered one of the top tennis players of all time. Born in Switzerland in , this year-old player became a professional player in and is still winning titles today (like Wimbledon in ). 2/6/ · In my opinion Nadal is the best of all time since his head to head against Fader is 60% and against Djokovic its just shy of 50% although Nadal holds the edge over Djokovic as he has more records and titles and Nadal is the player with the highest percentage of wins in history at 83%. 2/16/ · A list of the five best men's tennis players in the history of the sport. Advertisement The debate over the greatest men's tennis player of all time has been going on for a long while. Considered by many to be the greatest tennis player in history, Aussie Rod Laver (aka “The Rocket”) won tournaments, the most in tennis history, plus 11 Grand Slams, and was No. 1 in the world from to To date, Laver remains the only player to have twice won all four Grand Slam singles tournaments during the same calendar year. Rafael Nadal is unquestionably the greatest clay court player of all time. In fact, his dominance on clay may be the most dominant thing in any sport-ever. Of his 84 titles, 60 are on clay. Of his 19 majors, 12 are French Opens. Making a list of the greatest tennis players of all time is certainly a challenging task. The game has changed so much, and the racquets, in particular, have turned the modern game into something vastly different from the past. With that being said, one of the best ways to compare players is to look at grand slam totals. Nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time because he won his 19 Grand Slam singles titles in a 5 year shorter timeframe than Federer’s 20 Grand Slam singles titles. Warren on June 08, Gonzalo, your logic is absolutely ridiculous. Nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time. HHfan on May 31, Roger Federer can easily be considered one of the top tennis players of all time. Born in Switzerland in , this year-old player became a professional player in and is still winning titles today (like Wimbledon in ).
Best Tennis Player Of All Time
Best Tennis Player Of All Time

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Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadal via telegraph.
Best Tennis Player Of All Time She was elected as the German Sportsperson of the Year in,and Live Scores; Live Rankings; More. Novak looked impressive against Struff, beating himin 62 minutes, advancing to his Zaso Online Masters semi-final.
Best Tennis Player Of All Time

Mats Wilander. Gustavo Kuerten. Arthur Gore. Boris Becker. Robert Wrenn. Oliver Campbell. Malcolm Whitman. Johan Kriek. Jim Courier. Frank Parker. Nicola Pietrangeli.

Sergi Bruguera. John Hartley. Joshua Pim. Richard Sears [22]. Henry Slocum. Robert Wrenn 2. William Larned 2.

Robert Lindley Murray. Ellsworth Vines. Jack Kramer. Pancho Gonzales. Patrick Rafter. John Bromwich. Gerald Patterson. Horace Rice.

Arthur Ashe. Jaroslav Drobny. Herbert Lawford. Harry Hopman. Jean Borotra. Eric Sturgess. Sven Davidson. He was barred from competing at the French Open for signing a contract with the World Team Tennis circuit, which cost him a chance at the Grand Slam.

However, he embarked on a streak of weeks as the No. Connors still holds the men's career record for most singles tournament wins, with Maybe one of, if not the best, strikers of the ball ever.

Hits the ball very clean, taking time away from the opponent. A great competitor, a great mover. Just a smart player. He knew his capabilities and his opponents' weaknesses.

He loved having a target when guys came in. He would pass you every time. Greatness was predicted for Agassi even before he turned pro at age He proved worthy of the hype six years later, when he won his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in Agassi, seeded No.

Agassi was a flashy pitchman who made a major splash in the endorsement world. He went on to win seven more Grand Slam singles championships, two Davis Cup titles and an Olympic gold medal.

Very aggressive. She always wanted to be at the net. She had, I think, the most technically sound volleys of anyone in that era.

She was a great competitor, fearless out there. She hated to lose. She had the best backhand in the game.

It was versatile, topspin or slice. Many observers know King best for her historic victory over outspoken former Wimbledon men's champion Bobby Riggs in the famed Battle of the Sexes in Riggs had repeatedly disparaged female tennis players and boasted that, even at age 55, he could beat King.

Much more impressive, however, are her record 20 Wimbledon championships -- six in singles, 10 in doubles and four in mixed doubles.

The biggest thing was how athletic she was. She was a terrific serve-and-volleyer. One thing that really helped her was our coach, Harry Hopman, who would bring her down to [men's] practice.

She felt that working with the guys gave her a bit of an edge. One of his memorable achievements, a record of weeks he spent in the number 1 spot in the ATP rankings.

From to , Bjorn Borg was undoubtedly the top player in tennis. After winning 11 Grand Slam singles titles, Bjorn Borg became the first player in the Open era to achieve the feat.

Bjorn Borg won 6 French Opens and 5 Wimbledon titles. Bjorn Borg is one of the few players in tennis who have won 3 Grand Slam singles without losing a set.

In all, he won 64 singles titles in his career. Pete Sampras ended his career in styles after winning the US Open. In total, Pete Sampras won a total of 64 singles titles.

The man dubbed the Rocket was invincible at the commencement of the Open era, but even before the Open era, began in , Rod Laver had already become a household name in the world of tennis.

From — , Rod Laver held the number 1 spot in the world rankings. His singles titles are the most in the history of tennis. The name Novak Djokovic is prominent in modern-day tennis, but his emergence as one of the greatest in tennis comes as no surprise to tennis fans.

Regardless of personal preferences and favorites, all of these top ten best tennis players of all time have revolutionized the game we all know and love.

Who is your own personal greatest tennis player of all time? Important Professional Tennis Terms. They are the Australian Open, the U.

These games are also known as the Majors. Open Era: This refers to the time in tennis history from to the present when professionals have been invited to participate in major tournaments.

Pre, many aspiring tennis players remained at the amateur level in order to play in Grand Slam championships.

What Makes a Tennis Player the Best? Open, winning a total of 10 titles between the two. She was also a very good doubles and mixed doubles player, taking home 27 Grand Slam titles with different partners.

She was well on her way to being a legitimate rival to Steffi Graf, but a stabbing incident in stopped her career temporarily just as she was ascending to the top of the game.

At 20 years old, it robbed her of over two years in her prime. When she returned, she was able to win one more grand slam singles title, but she was not the same caliber of player.

Still, winning a total of nine grand slam singles titles is pretty impressive. The left-hander had nearly every shot in the game, and in many ways, she had a style of play that was well ahead of her time.

Margaret Court is considered one of the best tennis players of all-time, winning at least three grand slam singles championships at all for tournaments.

The only knock against her is that most of her domination came in the s, before the open era of tennis. She was able to have a lot of success with her volley at the net, and her speed was tough for opponents to overcome when combining with her height.

Going off of numbers, she still has the most Grand Slam singles titles at Serena Williams continues to try to tie that record, but she has been unsuccessful so far in her attempts.

However, in her time, she was a dominant player who could win on any surface. Evert relied on great placement, movement and spin to have success in tennis.

He retired at the age 47, which would be pretty much impossible in todays tennis world. After he won the Wimbledon title , he claimed the No.

Edberg is to this date the only player to win all the 4 Junior Grand Slams in one calendar year Stefan Edberg broke the record of most consecutive Grand Slam appearances 54 in the late 90s, which eventually got broken by the American Wayne Ferreira.

During his career, Edberg achieved 6 Grand Slam titles. Ken Rosewall is one of the most consistent players in the history of tennis.

He was ranked inside the top 20 for over 25 years, which no-one had achieved before. Ken won one of his 8 Grand Slam titles at the age of 38, which makes him the oldest player to ever win a Grand Slam title.

He was a machine on court and many compare him to the Spaniard tennis star Roberto Bautista-Agut, who have a very similar play-style.

Winning 3 Grand Slam titles after turning 35 is certainly impressing, will anyone ever break that record? The German tennis legend Boris Becker is another former world No.

He started of at the age of 17 as one of the most promising talents in the history of tennis , which he showed by winning 6 singles titles that year.

He won during his career 6 Grand Slam titles. No disrespect to Steffi, Martina, and Margaret, but Serena now deserves the distinction as greatest of all-time.

Question: Who is the only woman tennis player to win 20 titles before the age of 18? She then became the youngest Grand Slam singles champ at 16 years and days old when she won the Australian Open.

Question: Why isn't Margaret Court number one on your list? She still has the best record with 24 Grand Slams and titles. Answer: Margaret Court was a great player, dominant in her era, but I don't feel that she is the greatest of all-time.

Even though she was one of the first players to incorporate fitness training into her regimen, I just feel that there are a few players who should be ranked higher.

It's always difficult to compare players from different eras, and certainly, Court is one of the greatest of all-time, but I think the likes of Serena Williams, Steffi Graf and even Martina Navratilova were just as athletic and skilled.

I will say that after reviewing her career, I do plan to bump Court up to the number four position ahead of Chris Evert. Question: Why isn't Kim Clijsters on the list of greatest women's tennis players?

Answer: I think Kim Clijsters is more of a top 20 all-time player. No disrespect to her wonderful tennis career, she was a great player, but the top 10 might be a reach.

Answer: I will be updating the list after the U. Open and yes, Martina Hingis will be on the list. Question: Why is Maria Sharapova not in the list of greatest women's tennis players?

She is in head-to-head matches against Serena Williams and has been ranked number 1 in the world for just 21 weeks.

Indeed a formidable player, but with so many great players over just the last fifty years, I think Sharapova is more a top 15 all-time player.

Question: Which female tennis players won Grand Slam titles from behind the baseline? Answer: Most of the women's Grand Slam titles have been won from behind the baseline.

Chris Evert to Steffi Graff and even the Williams sisters have all played predominately from behind the baseline.

I think the better question might be who have won Grand Slams with an attacking game as there are certainly fewer of them. Question: Is Serena Williams really coming back?

Answer: At the moment, I believe the plan is still for Serena Williams to return to competitive tennis. She has canceled a few tournaments recently because she has not felt that she is fully ready to compete at the highest level.

Question: Hasn't Serena faced tougher competition than most other women's tennis players? Answer: Maybe early in her career she faced tougher competition with the likes of sister Venus Williams, Justine Henin, and Martina Hingis, but the last 8 to 10 years the competition has been less than stellar.

I see no other current player who can consistently challenge Serena when she is healthy. That will certainly change with time as Serena gets older, but who is the next great player to replace Serena?

No one jumps out in my opinion. Question: What about Maria Bueno? Does she belong in the top 10 women's tennis players all-time?

With her 63 career titles came a World Number 1 ranking in and While a case can certainly be made to include Bueno in the top 10 all-time, I think that she falls into the top 10 to 15 all-time ranking.

She was certainly a great player who dominated women's tennis during the late s to mid s. Question: Why is Simona Halep not on the list?

She may not have won many grand slams, but she will be the player with the longest ever run in top 10? Answer: Simona needs a few more big time wins in Grand Slam events.

I love her game, but she is not quite to the top 10 all-time yet. At 28 years of age she still has time to leave her mark on the game.

I hope she gets there. Answer: Serena Williams turned professional in October of at the age of Her first professional event was at the Bell Challenge in Quebec, Canada where she lost in the first round.

Question: Recently, Bianca Andreescu went 17 straight tennis matches without losing. Who holds the female record for this? Answer: I believe Martina Navratilova holds the record for the longest female winning streak with 74 consecutive singles wins in Pierre dear you are right.

Hingis was too young to understand that at the time. Sometimes success makes you think invincible. But i consider her to be one of the Greatest.

She had her own style her own charizma. Hingis was a delight while manoeuvring in court. The French crowd at Roland Garros do not condone unacceptable on court behaviour.

Every top professional tennis player gets bad line calls. Technology has improved nowadays but the French Open has remained the same, with the checking of the mark.

Hingis thought the umpire checked the wrong mark and became angry. It was a learning experience for Hingis and quite unnecessary, as she was leading , against Graf.

Had she kept her cool, she may have gone on to win her only French Open title. Instead, the French crowd became unruly and Hingis was then playing against Graf and the crowd, a virtually impossible task to overcome.

Another thing about Hingis. Hingis was not going to attend the after match presentation of the French Open in , because she was so upset with the umpire.

Luckily, her mother dragged her back for the presentation. You must not call your opponent half a man. You must not spit the dummy and have a meltdown at a bad line call in the French Open Final, which she lost.

Hingis must grow up. To quote the disrespectful Shihska, go somewhere else if you want to keep mentioning your favourites! We are dealing with the greatest of all time, not the favourites of all time.

Joey, Hingis is the one of the most overrated tennis player of all time. She did not achieve enough in Grand Slam singles. She was an underachiever.

You might think you are being funny, but I also thrive on your lack of tennis intelligence! May long the greatest be the greatest number of Grand Slam singles titles.

Only the greatest female tennis players are the winners. Alexandra knows her tennis. Joey does not. Completely biased author who bowed to pressure to put Hingis equal with Evonne.

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In the yearshe became the only tennis Deutschland Aufstellung Gegen Italien 2021 to achieve the Golden Slam by winning all four Grand Slam Vier Bilder titles and the Olympic gold medal in the same calendar year. Nadal and Djokovic are the. Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of all Time: Amazon.​de: Bercow, John: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of All Time (English Edition) eBook: Bercow, John: Kindle-Shop. 1. Roger Federer, 2. Rafael Nadal, 3. Steffi Graf, 4. Pete Sampras, 5. Martina Navratilova.
Best Tennis Player Of All Time That is the record Serena is currently Aberglaube Deutschland pursuit of. So before saying Rugby Osnabrück about any player please learn they are favorite to someone Cricfree sure. Good at both singles and doubles, and that's the one thing that had him playing all the time. The majority of readers are only interested in the greatest. When Martina Navratilova came along in the late s, it provided fans with a great Candy Rain 1 rivalry. Despite being in the shadow of the big 3 during most of his career, there is no other Treasure Hunt Spiel that have been Rsi Trading competitive against them than Andy Murray himself. Her record alone in Grand Slam singles, Grand Slam doubles and Grand Slam mixed doubles makes her the greatest female tennis player of all time. Greatness was predicted for Agassi even before he turned pro at age Norman Brookes. Answer: Most of Skat Spiele women's Grand Slam titles have been won from behind the baseline.


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